The wrinkles, creases, and groves in our lips are distinctive to us, and there’s a option to intensify them with lipstick. Whether or not you’ve top-heavy, heart-shaped, or bottom-heavy lips, you possibly can improve your pout by highlighting the distinct contours and patterns in a method that may make your pout look picture-perfect. Questioning how to do this? Scroll down to search out out…

  • 01. For top-heavy lips
  • 02. For bottom-heavy lips
  • 03. For spherical lips
  • 04. For heart-shaped lips
  • 05. For broad lips
  • 06. For flat lips
  • 07. For skinny lips


01. For top-heavy lips

For top-heavy lips, you’re trying to result in an total sense of symmetry that balances the fullness of your higher lip together with your decrease lip. If you happen to just like the fullness of your higher lip, outline it with a lip liner earlier than sweeping on a lipstick. You may as well attempt underlining your higher lip with a liner, or use a concealer to melt the contours. Go forward and overline your backside lip to realize that symmetry. You may dab a shade of nude eyeshadow on the centre of your decrease lip to realize a fuller pout. Stray away from shiny textures in your higher lip.


02. For bottom-heavy lips

For bottom-heavy lips

Identical to top-heavy lips, you’re trying to deliver a few stability within the fullness of your lips. On your decrease lip, use a concealer or basis to hide the perimeters just a bit. Now, you should use a liner to recreate the contours of your decrease lip. Overline your higher lip for some drama! After making use of lipstick, blot the centre of your lip with nude eyeshadow to make your lips pop.



03. For spherical lips

For round lips

Lots of people love this form as a result of it offers you a pure pout. Shiny, glittery, and shimmery formulation are best as a result of they draw consideration to the plushness of your lips, and improve their fullness. You may as well use matte lipstick as a base, and layer it with some gloss.


04. For heart-shaped lips

For heart-shaped lips

Have you learnt what makes heart-shaped lips so fascinating? It’s the outlined cupid’s bow! All you must do is intensify it just a little. Strive popping some highlighter on the bow to reinforce the form of your lips.


05. For broad lips

For wide lips

Extensive lips are longer than they’re full. So as to add some fullness to them, it is advisable work on the centre of your lips. It’s fairly a easy hack. Simply blot some shiny lipstick or highlighter within the heart after making use of your traditional shade. Use nude lipstick with a matte texture for greatest outcomes.


06. For flat lips

For flat lips

It’s time to pretend a fuller-looking pout. Lips which are flatter lack curves. With a view to create curves, line the contours of your lip, and emphasise the ‘M’ form of your higher lip because you don’t have conventional bow-shaped lips. Keep away from utilizing darker shades; as a substitute, use a lighter one, and layer a shimmery highlighter on the centre of your lips.


07. For skinny lips

For thin lips

When you have thinner lips, your lip liner is your trusted sidekick. Overline your lips to make them look fuller. Don’t go overboard with the liner although. You don’t need to appear too apparent with the overlining. It should join together with your pure lip-line. Smudge the liner for a pure look, and fill in your lip with a color of your alternative. Add a splash of highlighter to the centre of your lips for quantity.